Monday, August 27, 2012

So your internship is what?

The cool mornings have reminded me that the summer is pretty much such, there are tons of interns heading back to school.  Work is done, experience is gained and it’s time to polish off that education.  I thought I’d share a few tips/thoughts for students who are hoping to keep their connections fresh:

1)  Fire up the LinkedIn - Before you get back to school and lose focus on the summer....send out LinkedIn connections to your summer team.  Former colleagues, mentors, managers and even former interns you worked with.  Starting your network now, will ensure it’s value later.  Trust me.

2) Keep in touch - While you are back on campus, you want to periodically keep in touch with folks from your summer.  Swing by for a coffee.  Make a random phone call or email.  You want to keep in touch and make sure that when your former team things “we should hire someone to do X”....they think of you.

3) Update your resume - That’s right, do it now!  You want to update your resume while it’s still fresh. Wait 6 months and you might not remember what you did....and besides, don’t on-campus interviews start soon?

4) Practice interviewing and find your next gig - Again ,time is of the essence.  Schools are hosting companies soon and offers will be going out in weeks.  Take a little time to brush up on your interviewing and find your next role.  Once you find your next great can relax for a few weeks and actually enjoy your time on campus.  Until then.....finding a job is job one.

Ok, that’s it for this post.  I should be able to get another quick post out later this week....good luck out there, fall recruiting is picking up so things are going to get crazy.

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