Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remember Garrett Weber-Gale?

Hope everyone is having a good week, I’ve been bombed with my new gig but did want to take a few minutes to a post out that I think will make a lot of sense.

Watching the Olympics and watching Michael Phelps break every ever.  I realized a bunch of his metals were from relay events.  What’s funny, is you don’t actually hear much about Phelps in relation to a “team”.  So, I did a little research and learned about Garrett Weber-Gale.  Ever hear of him?  Probably not or maybe but he’s certainly not Michael Phelps.

What’s cool, he won two Gold metals in the 2008 Olympics, swimming in relay races.  With out Garrett Weber-Gale....Michael Phelps might not be “Michael Phelps” today...he’d be great, no doubt but he might not be other worldly.

The point? When you are building teams you need a system and a plan.  Not everyone needs to be a superstar, world record just need a few stars and a team of rock solid people to be successful.

As recruiters and staffing professionals, it’s our job to push our clients to hire well and build great teams......remember a team doesn’t need to be an All-Star team, just a group of well trained people all working hard and pulling in the same directions.

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