Sunday, January 29, 2012

Job tip of the week - Jan 29th, 2012...Be stupid enough to try

I'm pretty fired up this week so you'll have to just bear with a bit more snark than normal but I really think this blog will do you right.  The advice - Be stupid enough to try....  This might sound like crazy advice but I've been following this advice for ages.  A few examples:

- I moved to Washington DC with "no job and no clue" as I like to say....but knew I wanted to work in politics.  After four months of unpaid internships, crazy night jobs and some excellent connections...I was working on Capitol Hill

- I wanted to work at badly actually, I applied for a job in Zurich.  After the shortest interview ever (I bombed both questions) the recruiter asked me if I'd prefer a role in!  Six years later I'm still loving it.

- Just this week....I was looking for Super Bowl tickets.  So, I tweeted out asking if anyone out there had a pair I could buy.  15 minutes later, I'm going to the Super Bowl.  No joke.

See, being a little stupid (or crazy or whatever adjective you'd like) can give you just enough of a push to really try something you'd NEVER try if you were thinking straight...but just might land you the opportunity or job of a lifetime.  Trust me, it's worked for me and it will work for you.

More later this week....


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Job hut tip of the week - January 19th, 2012 - Show your work!

Hey everyone!  Been a really busy crazy week for me...lots of great work and a bunch of “Hangouts On Air” via the @googlestudents page.  You can find the videos from the HOA's here! Tons of fun! Regardless...I still have time for a tip of the week.

This weeks tip? Show your work.

What do you mean Jeff?  It’s easy.  When you are looking for a job, especially if you are out of work.  You have to keep track of what you are doing.  Make a spreadsheet, list target companies, networking contacts and when you have been engaged with them.  Doing this will give your search a sense of purpose and also allow you to keep track of everything so you can be diligent and deliberate in what you do.

Most people treat their job search like a part time’s not, it’s a major commitment and keeping detailed notes of what you do will make it much more rewarding in the long run.

Until next week...happy hunting

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Job hunt tip of the week...Jan 12, 2012

Ok, I'm determined to blow away all my 2011 blogging stats this year so get ready to keep hearing from me.  It does mean fewer epic novels and more quick such.  My job hunt tip of the week is: Be relentless.

Be relentless.  Sounds weird right?  It's not.  If you are looking for a job (especially if you are unemployed) you have to be relentless in your pursuit of a new role.  By that I mean, take detailed notes of all your interactions, network network and more networking.   Don't take no for an answer and keep working until you find that dream gig.

Finding a new job is a full time job, treating like anything less than doing yourself a disservice.  That's stop reading and get searching.  Good luck...


Friday, January 6, 2012

You're looking for a job...but can people FIND you?

Quick blog this week but I think it’s important.  When you are looking for a job, you should make sure to figure out how easily you are found.  Because if you are really actively looking for a job you want to make sure that 1) You’re looking for jobs but also that 2) People can find you if they are out looking for great employees.

So, here’s what you might think about doing...

1) Search for your name - Of course you know, “Google” yourself.  What’s funny, I did this and the results were very different depending on the search engine.  On Google, I’m the first or second result for any combination of my name...good.  Yahoo, um, not so much but I’m pretty findable...especially if you do “Jeff Moore Recruiter”....Bing?  Um, apparently I barely exist there.  That gave me a chuckle.  Will have to work on that :)   Anyway, figure out how people can find you and do things to help make it easier to find you.  Blog, tweet, write articles, whatever...get out there.

2) LinkedIn - Get your profile 100% complete and up to date.  Add connections and get some professional references. When you meet with someone...tell them “I’ll send you a connection so we can stay in touch.”  Building your network is the most important thing you can do whether you are in a job search or not.  Finally...LinkedIn is a HUGE recruiting channel now and if you are not’re nowhere.

3) Experiment - Play around with different things. Find ways to contribute to the online world and get yourself “out there”.  Attend industry events.  I have a saying about lottery tickets (don’t ask!) which is “You’ve got to play to win”....the same could be said for your job search.

That’s it this week........get out there, it’s a new year so there are new opportunities!