Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's not you, it's the team

Ok, I’m back from vacation and rested......nothing too crazy this week but a quick thought on how collaboration impacts recruiting.

Here we go.  Collaboration is THE key to successful staffing programs.  A lot of recruiters talk about what “they” do and how great “they” are...the fact is...yes some recruiters are better than others but without strong collaboration and support from the team they wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

You see, anytime you are recruiting someone it’s the ultimate collaboration.  You need recruiting, the team and anyone in the office who interacts with the candidate pulling in the same direction.  The person at the front desk needs to be friendly and inviting, your recruiter as to be on their game, the team needs to not only assess the candidate but make sure they are selling the opportunity and finally, the onboarding process needs to be smooth, efficient and make the new employee excited to join.

So, if you really, truly want to hire the BEST talent.....get everyone on the same page and remember that recruiting is the ultimate team sport.


  1. I love team sports. Although I haven't experienced team collaboration fully yet in Recruiting. I bet its amazing. Welcome back from your vacation.

  2. Jeff talking about a recruiter how do you measure (or guess :) ) if the one you are interviewing has collaboration skills?

  3. @Juan it's REALLY hard to be honest. A lot of problem solving or "behavioral" questions will help. I also find asking hard questions during a reference check call can help with finding out how collaborative someone has been.