Thursday, January 12, 2012

Job hunt tip of the week...Jan 12, 2012

Ok, I'm determined to blow away all my 2011 blogging stats this year so get ready to keep hearing from me.  It does mean fewer epic novels and more quick such.  My job hunt tip of the week is: Be relentless.

Be relentless.  Sounds weird right?  It's not.  If you are looking for a job (especially if you are unemployed) you have to be relentless in your pursuit of a new role.  By that I mean, take detailed notes of all your interactions, network network and more networking.   Don't take no for an answer and keep working until you find that dream gig.

Finding a new job is a full time job, treating like anything less than doing yourself a disservice.  That's stop reading and get searching.  Good luck...



  1. Very google looking to hire a geologist MSc?

  2. Hi i'm a student from Algeria and i want to for google how to apply?

  3. Agreed. I remember my first job interview. I went in for a cashier position at Best buy, but I was dead set on being part of GeekSquad. I repeatedly stated I would love to be on GeekSquad and would move to that department no matter what. They put right on the squad! Needless to say I made several "Enemies" because I passed the entire process of working my way up.

    Same for my current job. Many people have skill & education, but only a select few have the motivation and drive to get them the job.

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  5. Indeed. Never give up. Good advice and hopefully common knowledge. Doesn't hurt to see it in words, however.

    I have a request. Could you extend that mentality to a situation where a person desires only one company? No other place will do. How relentless can one be without being repulsed. Any tips to stay in their mind without feeling like a broken record?

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