Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Greatest Hits Post

It's pretty obvious now that I'm really not blogging about recruiting anymore but I'm kind of honored how many people still read this and reach out to me via this site.  So, I wanted to do an update that kind of serves as "Jeff Moore's Greatest Hits" so those who stumble across this site can just go through all the good stuff.  With that....

Most popular post....this is actually a tie.  I have two posts, with almost the same number of page views and are VERY different.

 "My review of the Google Resume" is a pretty deep review of the book which is kind of a "how-to" guide for folks doing technical interviews - consider this my "Stairway to Heaven"

  "Thinking about a Career in Recruiting" is a post I wrote and figured no one would care...ironically, people still read this several years later.  I don't have a good Led Zeppelin reference here....maybe "Rock and Roll"

Another relatively popular (popular for a B list recruiter is really not that popular but whatever) is "Does your resume even matter anymore" which honestly rings pretty true to me.  I don't think resumes matter....even if you need one (most places have your LinkedIn profile) the resume is really just a piece of you interview is what really matters.

One of my favorite blogs is "Oh yeah, we'll keep your resume on file" it gives me a good chuckle when I read it and it's all very true.  Especially #4.

My first blog was this one, I wrote it almost six years ago and you know what.....46 people have read it.  You'd think it really sucks, like REALLY sucks.  I mean, it gets like 8 views a year.....but it's actually pretty good.

The least popular blog is a tribute to "Temple of the Dog" and honestly, it sucks...don't read it.

Most weirdly ironic blog is this one, crazy karma....

The most metal blog is "Welcome to my Nightmare" which is a tribute to Alice Cooper....yeah, that's right

Anyway, I hope people find this "Greatest Hits" to be helpful and make it easier to find some of my best content.  Feel free to connect w/ me via LinkedIn or catch me via @JeffreyTMoore.  Until then, keep networking and talking to people......your career is what you make it.



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