Saturday, September 7, 2013

Should you move for a job? Maybe....

As my loyal readers know, I recently moved out to the Bay Area for my new role with Google.  Honestly, a year ago if you told me I’d be living in California I’d have said you were way.  Well, things happen in life that make you change plans.  Sometimes its easy, sometimes it’s not so easy.  Regardless there ARE times when it makes sense to move for a job.  Let me explain a few times when packing up and moving is the right call:

The opportunity - This is reason #1 and #2 you move for a job.  You move for opportunities.  If you can’t find a job that’s even close to as interesting as the one you’d move for….take it and go.  You know how I feel about having a “career” as opposed to a job so if opportunity knocks get it done.

The adventure - This can go hand and hand with the point above, but the location matters.  For example, moving to California or Europe or some other moderately exotic location can be a great adventure….whereas you could have a great job but if it’s in Timbuktu you might want to think twice before taking the job.

The team - Sometimes a team is worth moving for and uprooting your life.  If you can find a “Dream Team” that will really grow your career and teach you all kinds of Jedi it. The team is the most important part of any opportunity so honestly this can make the whole thing worth it.

The cash - Now, you’ll notice this is pretty far down the list.  Moving only for the cash is crazy, bad bad idea because money can’t truly buy happiness.  Yeah, yeah, it can come close but it’s not the only factor in life.  That being said, I’m not stupid and neither should you be when it comes to moving for a job.  The cash matters.  Can you afford to live there?  Will the comp move you into that next level?  Again, it matter but it’s not the only thing.

Well, there you go..a few quick thoughts on relocating for a job.  You know how I feel about having a career, but the it’s bigger than that.  Life is an adventure and every once in awhile it makes sense to spice it up.

More soon, but good luck out there...the job market still sucks so try to keep focused on your longer term goals.

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  1. Great advice, Jeff! I think you hit the nail on the head. To add my 2 cents (maybe just 1 cent), I believe looking at the bigger picture rather than what looks flashy and glamorous. Visualize where you want to be and strive to achieve it.