Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Navigating the summer slowdown

Happy 4th of July everyone, my favorite holiday.....although Thanksgiving is a pretty close second.  Busy times for me as we are settling into the move and our stuff is finally arriving on Friday so the unpack begins.

Anyway, I always think of 4th of July as the unofficial start of the summer job season....which basically means, there are tons of companies hiring but the job search is a pain in the arse.  People are on vacation, people are kind of out of it thinking about the weekend....all in all, productivity is down.

Here are a few tips on how to survive and still find that dream job over the summer

1) Chill out - Hard to do, I know it...almost impossible if you are looking for a job aggressively but you've got to mentally prepare yourself for things being slow.  If you realize things bog down, you won’t spend all of your time freaking out if you are getting the job or not...and more time networking and/or interviewing for other gigs.

2) Learn something new - When things slow down....the truly great people get a new skill and get better.  The summer is a great time to teach yourself a new skill, take a class or just brush up on some rusty skills.

3) Network - Yeah yeah, every blog I tell you to network but when something do it over and over again.  Honestly thought, summer networking is the best.  You can meet people for a coffee outside or connect with folks at outdoor events or organize other meetup type events to help you network.

4)  Enjoy it - This is the most important tip of them all.  The summer is the best time to recharge the battery.  Doesn't matter if you are in a job, looking for a job or between jobs.  Take time this summer to recharge and refresh yourself so when things start getting crazy again at the end of’re ready and have the energy to get it done.

Have a great long weekend everyone, I’m trying to write a ton now that I’m in CA so keep your eyes out for more posts and if you need any help/ know where to find me.

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