Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Importance of Individual Performance on your Career

Ok, sorry for the lack of content lately...been really busy with the new job and odds/ends around the house with the move. I am with a little different post than I usually write.

I talk a lot about how important a great team is for your career, mentors, corporate culture...all kinds of stuff.  The one topic, I haven’t spoken much about is “Individual Performance”.  

With that, here is a recent quote from my favorite coach, Bill Belichick when speaking this week on leadership:
"We’ve all heard the saying ‘there’s no I in team’ but in my mind I think there is a balance on that. There is an ‘I’ in ‘win’ and that stands for individual performance. Without strong individual performances from all members of the team, again regardless of what that person’s role... We can all stand around in the locker room and hold hands and chant ‘Team! Team! Team!’ all day and that isn’t going to do anything. We have to go out there and individually perform. There is a balance there.”

This quote blew my mind.  Seriously, there is an “I” in win.....and it stand for Individual Performance. 

WOW!!  Talk about amazing career advice...thanks Bill!  

So, next time you’re in the dumps at work or struggling with your career....remember, hard work and strong individual performance is the KEY...the absolute key to everything else.  None of the other stuff matter is you can’t perform.

Coach Belichick has another saying I love “Do your job”.......when trying to advance your career or grow....focus on doing your job and having a strong individual performance.  Everything else is gravy.

More soon...I promise

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