Thursday, April 5, 2012

Job Tip of the Week - Pay it Forward

The tip this week is one that I really, truly believe in.  Paying it forward.  If you don’t know what the phrase mean....check it here.  Assuming you know what I mean, keep reading....

Maybe I’m a little crazy but I’m a believer in karma and good vibes when you’re in a job search.  You know, the little things like a thank you note, being polite to the reception staff, being honest, etc etc.  I think, those “little” things add up over time and make you a better candidate...and thus help you find a better job.

So...the tip....even when you are NOT in a job it forward.  It’s not rocket science (none of my blogs are, I have a History degree after all....) but if you help those looking eventually I think it all comes around.  So, next time someone connects via LinkedIn or asks you for a referral or comes out of left field to network over coffee.....take a minute and give them a little help.  Not saying you have to go out of your way but just do something to help them in their search.....because really, in the end you never know when you’ll be the person asking for help and you’ll be happy other folks are willing to pay it forward for you.

Until next week....happy hunting and I owe you guys a big blog...I know!!  Also, more Hangouts on Air next week via the Google+ channels so keep an eye out!



  1. "With a little, no, with a lot of help from my friends.."

    This (a few lunches with my friends) really brought a rapid and happy conclusion to my recent job search. Thanks to my friends, I got two high-value interviews within two weeks, both of which went extremely well (two strong offers).

    Needless to say, I value my friends highly!

  2. Not only is it good karma but it's good friendship too! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, I think a lot of people blow this off...

  4. I agree with this post a 100%. I would have never gone this far in life had I not been kind to all who has asked for my help. Its definitely an investment into my career life. And what better way to make friendships along the way as Clayton has stated!