Friday, October 21, 2011

An Intro to Diversity and Diversity Recruiting

I’m back from a trip to CA and a week of vacation...feeling pretty good.  I wanted to get started on a small series about Diversity and what Diversity recruiting means to me.  It’s an issue that is a real challenge for those of us recruiting but it’s bigger than that.  I honestly don’t know what this blog series will look like....but that’s the fun part right?  So, let’s get it started....

What is Diversity?
Diversity is about having a broad set of employees that represents people from all kinds of backgrounds and makes your internal population representative of the population as a whole.  Make sense?  People from different backgrounds (ethnic, sex, financial, geographic, sexual orientation, etc etc) bring different perspectives and ideas to the workplace than if your team is made up of a bunch of folks with identical backgrounds.

Why should your company care?
Well, regardless of any legal or social responsibility’s a competitive advantage.  Companies thrive on new, innovative ideas.  What better way to increase the innovation engine than to have a set of employees who have the ability to take their diverse experiences, apply them to your companies hardest problems and come up with great solutions.  Diversity is a lot of things, but most importantly it’s good business.

What Diversity is NOT...
Diversity is not about lowering your hiring bar or excluding others in order to hire a diverse team.  No, no, no, wrong attitude.  I’ve heard the word “reverse discrimination” and couldn’t disagree more.  Diversity, from a recruiting and hiring standpoint, is about building the biggest most diverse pipeline of candidates you possible can...and hiring the absolute best of that group.

Hopefully these few quick thoughts will set the table for a deeper dive on this topic as it’s a real passion of mine.  Also, for those of you loyal readers out there I wanted to apologize for the scarcity of my blogs lately.  Doing the series over at the Google Student Blog has been sapping my creative juices...but I’m getting my groove back.

Ok, that’s it for week I’ll get more into how to build a diverse pipeline of candidates...and hire them.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vacation ramblings.......

As many of you know, I’m on vacation this week.  I didn’t want to write a full post, did that already for the Google Students site.  BUT, I did want to share a few thoughts.  This vacation has been awesome and has really helped me clear out the old brain....I’ll be back next week full recharged.  With that, here are a few rambling, disconnected thoughts from a recruiter on vacation:

As the economy continues to sputter, I worry we’ve got tough times ahead...again....hold on tight

Hire the best.  Don’t compromise or apologize for insisting on the best person.

Networking is an absolute must, if you aren’t networking you are falling behind.

Diversity isn’t just a catch phrase or social’s a competitive advantage.

Changing jobs is a life decision for for people, we as recruiters, hiring managers and peers need to keep this in mind.  This is serious stuff.

Why do you leave vacation on the table?  Take it all and don’t burn out.

Hire for the work, not the “role” you want to fill.

The only way to increase diversity in your workplace, is the build a bigger pipeline of candidates...and hire the best.

Coffee is for closers (ahh, that never gets old)

Ok, that’s it this week....hope you’re all having as much fun as I am......and until next time, good luck.