Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grunge Recruiting Part 5....the Final Episode

Ok, so I'm finally back and blogging. It's been a really busy few weeks with work and other fun stuff....

Regardless, this is the final installment of my series on Grunge Music and how it relates to recruiting. This has been a really fun project and I wish I could keep going but I'm pretty toast and my music collection is hard to search! Anyway, hope you enjoy this even half as much as I enjoyed doing it......

She lies and says she’s in love with him, can’t find a betterman – Betterman by Pearl Jam from the album Vitalogy

Sad song really, but I like it. If you aren’t familiar with this tune its worth checking out if for nothing else to get a taste of how good an lyricist Eddie Vedder was and still is really. Basic theme of the song is a couple who settled and lie to each other saying they are in love because they couldn’t find anyone better. I like I said, it’s sad.

The recruiting link is pretty sad too frankly. Settling for a candidate is never a good idea. There IS always someone better out there but the trick is not to settle and just hire someone else because you couldn’t do any better. Recipie for disaster my friends. When hiring you need to hire the best people you can, period so settling is a surefire way to poison your corporate culture and start down the path to medirociry. Now, that being said, you shouldn’t wait forever to hire someone. There is a balance between business needs and the need for the best person…what that balance is for your organization is key and will help you determine who you should hire and when.

She remembers bridges and burns them to the ground - Cumbersome by Seven Mary 3 from the album American Standard

Seven Mary Three, a very obscure grunge band. Seriously, I don’t think I can name another tune by them. I actually found out that you abbreviate their name 7M3...who knew...

Recruiting link for this lyric is pretty obvious. Don’t burn your bridges. Recruiting, finding a new job, all that stuff requires you to have a good network of connections. Burning bridges is a bad idea. I will say, there are times that burning the bridge happens. Either on purpose or by accident. If it does, you have to deal w/ it and be comfortable explaining the situation if someone asks. Need a reference from a previous job but your old boss won’t give one? Explain the situation and find someone else who worked with you that can speak to your experience.

People they wanna give you free advice, well that's some'n that I always try.
But you get what you pay for that's what I say and now I'm pay'n and pay'n and pay'n
- Scratch by Morphine from the album Yes

Morphine is typically a “Alternative Rock” band...very unique sound with only a bass, drums and saxophone. The singer Mark Sandman died of a heart attack, super tragic as his voice is amazing. I’d say, Morphine is probably one of my favorite bands regardless of the musical style. If you aren’t familiar with them....pick up “Yes” and you’ll thank me.

Recruiting link usual is pretty simple. When you are looking for a new job, you’ll get tons of advice. A lot of it will be crap. And people you think are experts will even lead you astray. True story - My friend Matt from Boston interviewed for an engineering job in San Diego. Asked me what to wear...I told him to dress nice. WRONG! The team made fun of us shoes the whole interview....they hired him but ugh how embarrassing. So, if you have questions or need a few tips....ask your recruiter. Ask the hiring manager. You can ask for friends/family for “free advice” but just make sure you don’t list too much or you’ll end up regretting.

When you call me out I can’t hide anymore, I have no disguise you can’t see through - You call me a dog, Temple of the Dog from the album Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog....the first real Grunge super band if you will. A good mix of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Good stuff. Best song on the album is Reach Down...totally unappreciated gem from the era.

Recruiting link here? You can’t hide from the background check. Most companies do them now, and for good reason. Studies have shown that people lie about their backgrounds.....and doing a formal background check mitigates the risk of hiring someone with false credentials. Moral of the story....don’t lie on your resume, don’t like in your interviews...your future employer will find out and rescind the offer.

If you’re hot to trot, you think you’re slicker than grease I got news for your crew you’ll be sucking like a leach. – So What’cha Want by the Beastie Boys from the album Check your Head

Ok, Beastie Boys are definitely not grunge but they are from the same time period and frankly, Check Your Head is pretty grungy. This song is their big hit, maybe the biggest hit of their career. The video is amazing, I mean, really amazing…see it here.

The recruiting link is simple. Show up to an interview thinking you are the man or being a jerk? You’re not getting hired. It’s that simple. I’m still shocked at the number of people I mean who’s ego barely fits into the interview room. I mean, we are all confident. Everyone thinks they are a “top performer” it’s just human nature but when you are on your way to an interview you've got to check it at the door. I used to ask our front desk team what they thought of candidates when someone came in for an interview. You’d be surprised what they tell me. Total Jerk. Nice guy. I LOVE her/him. My theory was this – Candidates know if they bust an ego on me, I’m going to recommend we don’t hire them so they’ll be on their best behavior so I’ll ask the person at the front desk for their impression. If the person was a jerk to a total stranger, I don’t want to work with that person. You can’t get the job by being nice but you can definitely lost the job by being a jerk.

Until next time, good luck and happy hunting.....