Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tell me who are you!

Alright, another blog topic that came in as a special request...this one from my buddy Greg Marsh (@gmarsh17) for those of you looking for some interesting tweets.....so, here we go...oh and if you don’t know the musical reference in the title....it’s “The Who”...

As you know, I’m a huge proponent of networking.  I saw a statistic the other day that said seven of every ten jobs filled are filled via networking.  So, if you’re not networking you’re not REALLY looking for a job.  As such, you should be talking to as many people as you can and really learn about as many roles as you can.

Now picture this, you’re out there networking....and you forget to REALLY introduce yourself to the person you’re contacting.  Didn’t tell them why you should talk.  Didn’t tell them what you do.  Didn’t do anything.  #networkingfail

Here are a few tips on how to let the person know “who” you are so you’ll be a bit more effective with your networking:

Include your resume - um, amazing advice I know....but you’d be surprised how many people forget this.  Job search 101 people...send a resume when you’re networking for a job.

Reference your LinkedIn profile - By now your have your LinkedIn profile looking good right?  So why not just put a link at the end of your email as part of your signature.  Name, phone number and LinkedIn profile.......short, sweet and professional.

Link to your blog or personal site - Lots of people have personal websites or online portfolio.  Adding a link to reference your work and show a glimpse of your skills is a great way to make the introduction for networking.

Attach an article - If you’d done a few publications or articles you can send them along with a note explaining your background/expertise and use that to open the door.  Publications give you credibility and the best way to network is to establish your credibility and start talking.

Ok, so there you go...when networking or speaking with someone about a job....introduce yourself.  Establish “why” the person should speak with you and do your best to find a great role.

Good luck out there!


  1. Amen!! Help move the conversation forwarded by adding more substance to that introductory or follow-up email... Don't make us ask for it :)

  2. Hummmm,
    What about "credibility" ... ? Tell us how you do deal with that when facing with candidates...

    That's interesting and I'm focusing on that word since I've read the article (Yes, I don't have publications).

    I wanna know how to seem credible on a resume or network profile so that I have the chance to prove I am (Yes, I've sent resumes and I've not heard a word back).

  3. Hey Cristiano, "credible" to the employer....I should have added that detail. The point is to add material/context so that the employer or person you are networking with knows who you are and why they should talk to you.