Friday, November 8, 2013

The importance of setting goals

Been thinking a lot about this topic so kind of excited to write about it.  Now, it’s kind of boring and a little lame...I’ll admit it.   But the truth is, without goals you’re screwed and your career will go no where.

Let me explain.  Goals get you places right?  I mean...I’m going to get my Master’s Degree is a goal.  Get it done, check the box...winner right?  Well kind of, there is a lot more to the idea of goals than checking off a few things on your list.  With that, here are a few thoughts on the importance of goals

1) Yeah, they get you places - See above but when you’re talking about recruiting or your career they are even more important.  For example - Saying “We are going to hire 50 Software Engineers” allows you to understand resources, develop benchmarks and understand the difference between success and failure.

2) Goals tell your story - Ever complain about the dude across the cube who got promote but you think  are the better performer??  Chances are, he had goals, articulated them to the powers that be...and crushed them.  The best way to show off your success it to set some lofty goals and get them done.

3) Shared accountability - Ah, here is the big one.  Setting goals, allows you to clearly state what each person on the project owns.  So, when the rubber meets the road everyone is accountable for their piece.  If the project succeeds everyone knows why/how….if it fails, well that’s ok but everyone will know how and why as well.

So there a you go a few thoughts on goals...the key to all of this is setting realistic goals and trying to get them done.  If you’re working on a recruiting team that doesn’t have goals or even worse has messed up goals...take a stand and figure out goals that will work for your team.  Trust me, you’ve been far more successful w/ rock solid goals than if you just float around and wish for a positive outcome

More soon

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