Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All job searches are not created equally...

I found a pretty interesting article I wanted to share on  It talks about which cities have the most job openings per “unemployed” worker.  Not sure there are any massive insights to be drawn from this but it got me thinking about one thing in particular.....

When you are interviewing for a job or looking for a new’ve got to really understand the market.  Check out the article, but think about it.

If you’re looking for a job in Miami, there are 5 people looking for a job for every posting....pretty tight competition.  Honestly, from an employer standpoint it’s a buyers market.  Meanwhile, your’e looking in San Jose and there is an opening for every person looking for a job right now.....WOW, talk about opportunity right?

There are a bunch of implications for this too right?  If you are in Miami and get a job probably should think long and hard about declining the offer.  There are just not that many opportunities out there and everyone is interviewing for those few roles.  In San Jose....different story.  Take your time and find the right gig.  If you don’t like an offer, the market is stong enough for you to be picky.

I’ve pasted the link below so check it out, and remember not all job markets are created equally...and your job search can’t be created equally either.

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