Saturday, February 11, 2012

Job Tip of the Week - February 11th 2012

The goal of these weekly tips is to give you quick, short pieces of information you can use in your job search.  Nothing else, short and sweet.  So, with that....

This tip is huge in my book.  Frequently when you get an offer, you negotiate.  Right?  Push back and maybe ask for a few more bucks an hour, more vacation, sign-on bonus...whatever.  The point here is when you are negotiating it's important to do it either on the phone or in-person.

No emails, no voice mails...when you're negotiating do it directly with the recruiter, manager or HR person.  Leaving a voice mail or sending an email makes you look like you are avoiding the conversation.  Take a deep breath, have the conversation and get the job.

Got it?  Good luck out there this week.

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