Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coffee and a chat?

I’m a huge proponent of networking, it’s easy and frankly it works. Unfortunately, most people don’t really do much networking. Well, here is my biggest tip on how to get the networking going and going well....

Grab a coffee with someone....doesn’t matter who just do it. Taking the time to sit down over a beverage (drinks work too....), chat casually about work/life issues and have a good time. Networking should not be a huge ordeal, it should be fun and worth the time. Networking is not like dating, there should be no pressure and everyone realizes this is all about work and helping each other accomplish their professional goals.

Personally, I’m always up for a coffee. I rarely turn down the chance to do a little networking and enjoy a, here’s the question. Are you actively networking? You should be, especially as the economy recovers in 2011 you may just find that opportunity of your dreams.

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  1. - "When you're operating on the manager's schedule you can do something you'd never want to do on the maker's: you can have speculative meetings. You can meet someone just to get to know one another. If you have an empty slot in your schedule, why not? Maybe it will turn out you can help one another in some way."