Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Devil Put Career Advice In advice from the new Alice in Chains

The big move in is less than a week so the writing is pretty hit/miss right now...but here I am.  Anyway, a little music inspiration this week from the new Alice in Chains album.  For those who don’t know 90’s grunge...these guys ruled back in the day...then their lead singer overdosed and they have a new singer and rule again.   Like my other “Grunge Recruiting” posts.....pretty dark stuff here, but there is some career/job search inspiration.  One other thing...the new album is “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” for the purposes of this post, I hijacked the title.

Anyway, go buy the album and here are a few thoughts:

All of the faces life can show, Withered and ugly the one you know - Hollow

Career advice here is awesome and very relevant....the grass is always greener when yours interviewing.  Think of it this way....when you are interviewing you’re on your best behavior and so are the interviewers.  So, if you get a weird feeling or something is “off”....walk away, it’s only downhill from here.

So you got the thing you wanted, Don't let it go though it hurts your hand to hold it, Don't let it show - Pretty Done

This is really more of a lyric for managers.  You wanted the big leadership got it.  And, there are times it will suck..thats part of the deal.  The thing is, you can’t let anything show to your team.  In order to truly lead a team and accomplish great’ve got to internalize when times get tough and get it done.

I want more, than I need, I don't know what is real - Voices is the deal.  We all work like crazy people and are chasing all kinds of career goals.  Don’t lose focus on what’s real.  It’s easy to lose grips with family, friends, your health...etc etc.  I’m ALL for working like a dog and trying to have an amazing career....just don’t forget what’s real.

I am wise and you don't know - The Devil Put Dinosaur Bones Here

There are a ton of ways you can get inspired by this lyric.  I think of it as a good motivator for the bad job or bad interview.  Chances are....we’ve all had an experience where we know what we are doing but the environment or interviewer “don’t get it”.  It happens.  The key for your career or job search is to not get down when it happens....get stronger.  They don’t get it.

Ego pulverized, No better medicine - Phantom Limb

I LOVE this line!  Honestly, we can all get out of whack from time to time with the old ego whether its professionally or personally...again, it happens.  The best medicine for an out of control ego is to get a little smackdown.  Not physically of course...but failing on a project, taking a bad job, missing a goal....whatever, we all need a little failure in our life if we want to really truly excel and push on to great things in the future.

Ok, that’s it this week....I’ve got a bunch of blog ideas that hopefully I can get working on once we are moved.  Should be a few weeks of random blogging...and then I’ll be back to more old self.

More soon, good luck out there this week.....and enjoy the tunes

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