Thursday, April 19, 2012

Down in a Hole...recruiting advice from the late, great Layne Staley

Alright, it’s been a little while since I’ve done one of my music themed recruiting here we go.  One of my all-time favorite bands is Alice in Chains, if you aren’t familiar go check out my Grunge Recruiting series from last year (shameless plug...)  Anyway, one song in particular got me thinking about interviewing.  The song is “Down in a Hole” from the album Dirt, and if you know anything about grunge music it’s clearly not a happy-go-lucky tune.

The lyrics are:

Down in a hole and they've put all
The stones in their place
I've eaten the sun so my tongue
Has been burned of the taste
I have been guilty
Of kicking myself in the teeth
I will speak no more
Of my feelings beneath

And the recruiting connections....

- We’ve all been guilty of kicking ourselves in the teeth, especially during interviews.  Nothing you can do about except learn from it so next time you’re in an interview you ace the question.

- Speaking of your feeling beneath.  Get it?  Meh.  Ok, so when you are leaving a company, you’re likely not happy or have a few things you don’t like about your job.  You can mention it in an interview, but don’t dwell or rant.  No one and I mean no one, wants to hire a person who shows up for an interview and thrashes their current or former employer.  Keep it in.

That’s it, most people don’t mind my recruiting and job search inspiration from Lanye Staley...but for some reason while I was out running this week I couldn’t stop thinking about these lyrics and recruiting.  Hope you are all doing well, I should have some longer posts coming soon and I’m also doing some AWESOME Hangouts On Air soon.....keep an eye on Google Plus and Twitter for updates!!

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  1. That is the first alice in chains - job hunting reference I have ever read. An unlikely connection, but very nice work.