Friday, August 12, 2011

"You're so money and you don't even know it"...words of wisdom from the movie "Swingers"

Swingers is one of my Top 10 favorite movies. Amazing story of the lives of struggling actors in LA trying to meet women. Mikey is sort of the lovable loser who is having a hard time getting over an ex-girlfriend...who ends up meeting “Lorraine” (a young Heather Graham) and ends up basically breaking all the rules that his friends taught him about women....only to find Lorraine loves it! Anyway, great movie...just a few words of wisdom related to recruiting and something fun that I wanted to do this week. Anyway, onto the movie lines.....

“This is like the skank shift.”

Great scene and a great line. Walking around looking at the blue hairs playing blackjack. Ever get this feeling when you enter a place that it’s the skank shift? Yeah? Don’t take the job. If you don’t understand “skank shift” um, nevermind....move along

“Give me the fucking part”

Trent explaining to the girls from the casino his experience interview for a part....unfortunately that part was to be of a boy, not a mid-20’s dude. Again, great scene. Recruiting link? When you feel like you’re a slam dunk for a should take a deep breath. Overconfidence in the job search is deadly and will kill your candidacy almost instantly.

“You're so money and you don't even know it! “

Ahhhh yes, Trent explaining to Mikey how money he is...and he doesn’t even know it. The opposite of overconfidence. When looking for a new job, be sure of yourself. You’ve got skills, there is a reason why the company asked you in for an interview. Prove them right.

“You know what. Ha ha ha Mike, laugh all you want but if you call too soon you might scare off a nice baby who's ready to party.”

Another fantastic scene examining the science of calling a girl back after you meet here...moral of the story, men are pretty silly. However, for your job search this is great advice. Don’t call 10 minutes after your interview asking for feedback. Give the team time to evaluate you and send a nice thank you note. Haven’t heard back for 3-5 days...follow up and see if they have an update. Anything else might scare them off.

“So let me get this straight. The party started at eight. Why are we going to a bar at ten? “

Party scene in Beverley Hills....classic. Fasionably late for a party? You’re cool. Late for an interview? You’re toast. I think I say this every blog, show up on time for your interview.

“You're a big winner. I'm gonna ask you a simple question and I want you to listen to me: who's the big winner here tonight at the casino? Huh? Mikey, that's who. Mikey's the big winner. Mikey wins. “

No recruiting link here, this is just my favorite line from the movie.....who’s the big winner? You are!

Ok, that’s it this week....stupid topic but it was fun and definitely a great movie if you haven’t seen it (or seen it lately) I’d highly recommend! Until next time, happy hunting.

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