Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pushing Forward Back...

Those of you who know my musical taste may recognize the tune I'm referencing for this post. (See Temple of the Dog for more). Anyway, as my first blog of 2010 I thought I'd take a quick minute to give thanks for some great moments in 2009 and queue up a few things for us all to look forward to in 2010!


- We should all be thankful that although the economy has been pretty bad, it didn't take quite as badly as many experts expected. It's still tough out there, but all signs seem to indicate we avoided the Great Depression II (I hope!)
- I'm thankful for Twitter, I've been able to meet a bunch of new folks from around the world who share their expertise and experience. If you don't tweet yet, you should!

- I'm thankful for my friends and family, another year of health and prosperity, hopefully this continues into 2010.

- Finally, thanks to all my readers, I'm still a pretty novice blogger but am hopeful I can really contribute something in 2010.


- Social Recruiting is the future? We'll see, I think the future is now

- Shout out to the team a Google, great bunch of folks and looks like 2010 will be the best yet

- Is 2010 the year that the Boston/Cambridge market REALLY comes back? I think so, between the VC activity and large software shops building out in town and honestly think the next decade will result in the rebirth of the tech market locally.

- I'm personally planning on being much more active this year in the local community, blogging, networking, etc.............

Good luck and Happy New Year everyone.............hope 2010 lives up to the hype!

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