Thursday, November 1, 2012

Don't be a fool, stay in school

Ok, quick post this week but one that I really think is important.  Time Magazine ran an article a few weeks back discussing if going to college is worth it or not...well, it is.  Seriously, no brainer.  Here’s why:

Earnings - Look at the middle chart.  College grads earn more than High School grads.  Period.  It’s easy to complain about college debt, it sucks but if you graduate with say $30K in debt....yes it blows but over time the investment will pay off.

Long Game - I talk a lot about networking and all that is the same idea.  It’s about the long game.  You won’t see immediate “results” from your degree for many years...even a decade or two.  Getting your degree is not fun while you are doing it but over the long haul it’s all good.

Networks - The other thing about college is the network you acquire.  You won’t read about this in the college brochure but it’s true.  Having a degree from Harvard...makes you a Harvard alumni and you know what?  Alumni take care of themselves.  You can’t put a “value” on it but trust me...the network you get from your college experience will be worth way more than your tuition.

You can check out the info graphic from the article below or read the full article here

Until next time...remember...don’t be a fool, stay in school

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