Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recruiting Advice from Metallica

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my music themed here you go.  I’ve been listening to a lot of Metallica lately, not sure why but the though of James Hetfield giving career or job search advice seemed kind of fun.  Without further adieu, recruiting and job search advice from Metallica:

I can't believe the things you say - “And Justice For All” from “And Justice For All”

When you have an interview that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   This isn’t always true, but more likely than not you are just meeting with someone who interviews VERY well.  Remember this next time you have an amazing interview and make sure you ask a few hard questions to suss out the truth.

Emptiness is filling me,  To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking dawn, I was me but now he's gone
- Fade to Black from “Ride the Lightning”

Ok, so this is a work/life balance quote.  Don’t let your job take over your life.  It’s not worth it.   If you realize that your job is turning you into someone’s time to re-evaluate. Work to live, don't live to is too short.

Waiting for the one, The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the sunshine never comes - The Day That Never Comes from “Death Magnetic”

At this point in the blog, I’m realizing that Metallica is pretty, yeah...anyway.  This tune is great, and off Metallica’s latest album which normally I’d decry as a sellout but for some reason I’m into this album.  The moral here, at some point your career (and your life really) are on a path that you didn’t plan embrace it, don’t dwell.  When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher....and I recruit for a living.  You know what? I love it.  Take stock of where your career is headed...and enjoy.

So tell me why you've chosen me - Until It Sleeps from “Load”

I’m not a huge “Load” fan but I do like this tune.  The job search link?  Don’t ask why people chose you when you get a job offer.  Take it and do a good job.  Your future employer saw something they liked in your....congrats!

Gimme fuel, gimme fire, Gimme that which I desire, Ooh - Fuel from “ReLoad”

Kind of a dumb lyric but when looking at a job make sure it gives you that which you desire.  Benefits?  Cash?  Growth?  Cool Coworkers?  All of the above?  Doesn’t matter.  Find a job that gives you what you want and you’ll be much happier in your life than if you settle for the first thing that comes along.

We are scanning the scene in the city tonight. We are looking for you
- Seek and Destroy from “Kill’em All”

A classic right?  Here’s the deal, no matter how good or bad your job search is going...someone is looking for you.  Keep searching, keep positive and you’ll land a great gig.

That’s it this week, hope you enjoyed.   I have to admit, I LOVE Metallica but man they write some dark music which is tough for blogging :)

Good luck out there!



  1. I fully agree but don't think that most recruiters will be happy if I say "Work to live, don't live to is too short." on an interview. Do I have to lie?

    Maybe I'm going to copy your idea of blogging about a topic based on a song. is patented?

  2. Hi Juan, I actually think recruiters like to hear that people work hard but aren't going to burn themselves out. I think those days are ending if not over. People realize happy employees make better employees.

    My blog ideas aren't patented so I'd love to see a blog based on songs....just throw me a bone for the motivation :)