Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coughlin’s Laws and Recruiting

Ok, bunch of you guys are wondering what the hell I’m talking, quick history lesson. In 1988, Tom Cruise starred in “Cocktail” the story of a “talented NY bartender”. Well, I’m not sure I agree with that but this movie is the essence of 1980’s bad cinema....and I LOVE it! One of the main antagonists is Doug Coughlin who’s basically a drunk jerk.

That being said, he has the "laws" that he lives by and is generally obnoxious about them. Pretty much throughout the movie Coughlin sort of drops them into the conversation. Like I said, it’s amazing stuff and it is ALWAYS on cable.  I was thinking about a few of these laws and how they actually make great recruiting “laws”. So, without further adieu I present you with Couglin’s Laws of Recruiting:

Coughlin's Law: Anything else is always something better.

Sounds like the job search doesn’t it? I mean really, anytime you leave an interview it’s like the greatest thing ever.....well, remember, that’s probably not the case. See cliche “The grass is always greener” for further reference

Coughlin's law: Never tell tales about a woman. No matter how far away she is, she'll always hear you.

So many recruiting references here. I mean really, this isn’t specific to women but trash coworkers, former colleagues, companies, etc etc and someone will always find out. Be better than that people!

Coughlin's Law: Bury the dead, they stink up the place.

LOVE this Law. Lots of HR and Recruiting references here....I’m not even going to elaborate

Coughlin's Diet: "cocktails and dreams."

This has nothing to do with recruiting or HR but Tom Cruise opened a bar called “Cocktails and Dreams”. Seems like it would still be a good name for an 80’s bar...I’m just saying...

Coughlin's Law: Never show surprise, never lose your cool.

Best interview tip ever given by a drunk. Take this law to your interviews and you’ll do well.

And Finally..........

Coughlin's Law: As for the rest of Coughlin's Laws, ignore them. The guy was always full of shit.

Well, you could probably apply this one to lost of career advice you get...including my blog. So make sure you trust your gut and go with how you feel about a role when interviewing.

Until next time, happy hunting and good luck in the search!

If you really want to...but the movie here

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