Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Grunge relates to Recruiting...Part 3

Part Three of my epic serious about Recruiting and Grunge Music. Still having fun so I've got another one or two of these in me. Regardless, I'm trying to dig a little deeper in to my collection and find tunes that maybe you've never heard or forgot about them. With that, I hope you enjoy this weeks entry.....

You say that money isn’t everything, well I’d like to see you live without it - “Tomorrow” by Silverchair from the album Frogstomp

Silverchair is one of those bands that their first album came out and I remember thinking, “WOW these guys are like 16 and they’re awesome...they are going to be HUGE!” And um, well, not so much. The burst onto the scene in 1995 with “Frogstomp” had a few hits...and that’s about it. Classic grunge sound, just not the worlds most famous rockers. Anyway, this tune is awesome. Trust me.

The recruiting link is pretty easy. We all hear candidates who say “Money isn’t what motivates me. I’m looking for a great opportunity” Well sure, we all are but I’m here to tell you money DOES matter and if a candidate every says that to you it requires a much deeper conversation. I’d recommend pushing back and finding what exactly matters. For example, a candidate making $100K maybe you say something like “So if money doesn’t motivate you if we were to offer you the dream role but could only pay $85K would you accept?” The goal here isn’t to be a jerk, quite the contrary. The goal is to find out the bottom line and make sure you are wasting a bunch of time on a candidate you can’t afford.

Every word I said is what I mean, every word I said is what I mean, everything I gave is what I need - Slave and Bulldozers by Soundgarden from the album Badmotorfinger

Pound for pound my favorite grunge era song. Driving beat, amazing lyrics and Chris Cornell at his finest. Badmotorfinger is also for my money the best grunge album of the era. The lyric here makes me think of interviewing. Say what you mean when you interview, no BS. Trust me, making stuff up and bullshitting during an interview is a lose-lose and you’ll end up miserable. What’s more, when you are interviewing give it your all and do your best job. Give everything you have got to get the offer. I’m not saying you need to take every offer but if you are going to the trouble of interviewing you owe it to yourself and the company to be honest and engaged during the interview. BTW - On the way to the interview, crank this song on your iPod and you’ll walk in feeling like you can conquer the world.

You got a sack full of candy, All I got was a rock. Overblow by Mudhoney from the soundtrack to the movie “Singles”

Mudhoney is one of those bands you either love or you’ve never heard of them. They are one of the pioneers of the 90’s grunge scene are were responsible for really defining the sound coming out of Seattle. The soundtrack here is great and the movie is fantastic and really does define an entire generation of people (yeah, that’s me). Mudhoney has a lot of good songs but this one stands out because it received a little mainstream recognition unlike most of their other stuff...

The HR/Recruiting link is pretty easy actually. It’s about employee benefits. Some companies give away sacks full of candy (free lunch, flex hours, onsite massage, etc) while others don’t do anything to attract new employees. So, next time your company hands you a rock and you’ve decided you’ve had enough....polish up that resume and find a new gig at a company that will treat you right. There are plenty of them out there you just have to look!

Keep on dreaming boy cuz when you stop dreaming its time to die – “Change” by Blind Melon from the album “Blind Melon”

Ah, Blind Melon probably the most unappreciated and least understood bands of the Grunge Era. their big hit was “No Rain” which is pretty dreadful and doesn’t really show these guys in their best light. The lead singer, Shannon Hoon died of some sort of overdose…basically ended up having a heart attack. Amazing, most of the music I enjoy is made by dudes that overdosed……weird.

That being said, I love this line. Really, why do you work? Do you live to work or work to live? For me? I work to live. LOVE my job but at the end of the day, I love spending time with my family and friends much more than a day in the office. That being said, you still have to dream big to really enjoy what you do. I know I do it. I have HUGE aspirations and then work like crazy to try to make them happen. If you can’t look at your current role or company and come up with big dreams….it’s probably not the perfect role for you. A great job will encourage you to think big and then try to make your dreams a reality.

Until next time, keep rocking and happy hunting.....

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