Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Grunge relates to Recruiting...(Part 2 of many)

I have to admit I’m really enjoying this blog topic...it may lead to a whole new favorite lyric (regardless of genre) being related to recruiting but we’ll see how long I can keep this grunge thing going. So, here goes a few more Grunge lyrics and how I relate them to recruiting/HR:

I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life I know you’ll be star in someone else’s sky but why, why why can’t it be mine. – Black by Pearl Jam from the album “Ten”

I think this may be my favorite single lyric from the Grunge Era. I mean, it’s an amazing line from a truly amazing song. Really makes me think about those fantastic candidates that for some reason you just can’t hire. Either they don’t like your company, your team doesn’t like them…something just misses. BUT, you know, you absolutely know this person will be a star at their next company. Honestly, I think this is the most frustrating thing for a recruiter as you are powerless to change the outcome. I’ve actually taken to keeping in touch with these people just to see what happens and yep, you guessed it…more often than not they end up as total superstars in their next gig (not with you). Thanks Eddie Vedder, this one really rings true to use recruiters.

Through all those complex years I thought I was alone, I didn’t care to look around and make this world my own. – Cemetary Gates by Pantera from the album “Cowboys from Hell”

Ok, so Pantera isn’t really grunge, it’s heavy metal…I know, I know, but I love this song. I’d say it’s honestly, it’s one of my 10 favorite songs regardless of genre. Another song about death and all that stuff but alas, it has a great recruiting message to it. The message here, make the most of your opportunities. Doesn’t matter what they are or how you come across them….take the time to make this world your own. What does this mean? Well, lots of things really and I’ll break it down:
  • At your job –At your current job it means making the most our of your role. Have a chance to travel and your life makes it an option for you? Then go! See the world! Is your boss asking you to take on more leadership? Do it! Leadership will push you in ways you’d never imagined and force you to grow not only as an employee by as a person.
  • For your next job – This is easy. Take the time to talk to people. You don’t have to be “looking” for a job to come across great opportunities. Have coffee with people in your community. Talk to the dudes next to you on that cross country flight. Respond to that random Linked In request. Or make a connection with a former coworker. You don’t know what the world has in store for you unless you take the time to see what’s out there.
  • Personal – I usually avoid non-work type stuff in this blog but seriously, take time to enjoy your life. I have a daughter and every waking minute with her is precious. I can just watch her and giggle as she discovers the world around her…we all start that way, don’t lose it.

No one plans to take the path that brings you nowhere – Your decision by Alice in Chains from the album “Black Gives Way to Blue”

This isn’t 90’s grunge but it’s grunge. As you know, or will now know…Layne Staley the original Alice in Chains singer died of a heroine overdose. Sad, tragic really, he’s probably pound for pound the best singer of the Grunge Era and I’ll argue this with anyone (yes, I actually think he’s cooler than Chris Cornell) Also, this song is off their album “Black Gives Way to Blue” which was done with a new lead singer. William DuVall is the new singer, and he’s great especially when you pair him with Jerry Cantrell you just can’t go wrong. But, this is a recruiting blog…so, what’s the importance of this lyric. Well, you see a lot of resumes these days from people who were laid off in the early 2000’s and during the current downturn. The thing is, and we all should remember this….recruiters, hiring managers and just as humans frankly…no one and I mean no one takes a job and things “This is great, maybe they’ll lay me off”. Of course they don’t it would be insane….so, why do we always go “ohhhh” when someone says they were laid off? There is a stigma, and it’s unfortunate and I think we should do away with it. No one plans to take the path that brings you nowhere, that’s right, and without knowing the situation the person was in there is no way for us to REALLY understand what happened and why they were laid off. Some of the best hires I’ve made in my career were people who were “between jobs”….so let’s all get over it and give these people a shot and stop acting like a layoff is the worst thing ever. The fact is, it happens and most of the time the people most affected had no influence on the decision.

If we could see tomorrow, what of your plans. - Don’t Cry (Alt Lyrics) by Guns N’ Roses from the album “Use your Illusion II”

Again, I’m stretching the limits of grunge with Guns and Roses but Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon sings back up on this one and frankly the Alternative VersIon of this is so much better than the original its like a different song entirely different song. It’s so much better than the original version I won’t even talk about it. But anyway…if you could see tomorrow what of your plans? I absolutely LOVE this line for career advice. Do you have a Plan B if you lost your job tomorrow? How about a Plan C? In this day and age, you absolutely positively MUST have a plan for the future. I don’t care what that plan is or how you get there but you’ve got to be forward thinking. Complacency kills. Back in 2008 when lots of companies were laying people off I realized I had been very complacent with my career up to that point. What did I do? Developed Plan B, Plan C and started thinking about what Plan D would look like if I needed it. Certainly, I’m not saying you should be always looking for your next gig. Quite the opposite really you should be making the most of your current gig but in those quiet moments at home sitting on the couch it wouldn’t hurt to think about “What would I do if I lose my job tomorrow” and start putting some plans in place.

Until next time, happy hunting and don't forget to keep networking...

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